The show opens with Cena in the ring standing at a Nexus podium.  He opens a scroll and reads a written-out introduction for Wade Barrett.  Barrett comes out and tells Otunga he will deal with his stunt on Smackdown later.  He demands Cena to announce him as the champion.  Orton comes out and says that HE is the champ, not Barrett.  The GM chimes in and says tonight we will see Team Barrett (which is the Nexus) against team Orton, which the GM will choose himself.  Special guest referee, John Cena.  Also, at Survivor Series, Nexus will be banned from ringside.   Cena gets mad about being the referee tonight.  He flips over the Nexus podium and shoves down David Otunga.


Up next, a Diva’s cup 3 on 3 matchup.

MATCH: The Bella Twins & Eve Torres vs. Maryse, Tamina & Alicia Fox

Results: The Bellas & Eve win

Rating: *

The match was your typical Divas match.  I gave it a star because I felt like being nice.  By the way, there was no actual “Diva’s cup” if any of you were wondering.

Backstage, David Otunga is mad about Cena pushing him.  Barrett walks in and tells Otunga he will be facing Cena later tonight.  Barrett walks off and the rest of Nexus walk away too.

MATCH: The Uso’s vs. The Hart Dynasty

Results: The Uso’s win.

Rating: **

It was an alright match but too short and expected ending.  Poor Hart Dynasty.


Backstage, Matt Striker is interviewing Randy Orton.  He asks him if he knows who the GM will pick for Team Orton.  Orton starts to respond.  The Miz shows up and says he is on the team.

Backstage, Nexus is hanging out talking.  Otunga shows up and everyone gives him the silent treatment.


MATCH: Goldust vs. Ted Dibiase (with Maryse)

Results: Goldust wins

Rating: *

This match was alright.  Aksana came out and stole the Million Dollar belt.  Goldust picked up the win then chased after her.

MATCH: David Otunga (with the Nexus) vs. John Cena

Results: John Cena wins

Rating: **

Barrett signaled for Nexus to leave ringside before the match started.  The match was alright, Cena made Otunga tap out.

Backstage, Barrett tells Otunga he has one more chance – he can take Nexus to Smackdown this Friday and face Edge.  If he loses, he’s done.


Up next, Santino comes out with Kozlov for “Team Time”.  He invites Sheamus out for the tea party.  Things went bad of course and the GM spoke up.  Match time, Santino vs. Sheamus is up next.


Results: Sheamus wins via DQ

Rating: N/A

The match wasn’t much of a match at all and simply resulted in Sheamus attacking Santino, but John Morrison came to the rescue again.

Backstage, John Cena is watching a WrestleMania promo.  Barrett shows up and uses Mania to persuade Cena to make sure he wins at Survivor Series.

MAIN EVENT: Team Barrett (Nexus) vs. Orton, Miz, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, and Mark Henry

Results: Nexus wins

Rating: **.5

Otunga came out during the match, and distracted Cena.  Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Orton and Barrett got the pin.


This week’s Slammy Award goes to: Um… I’m going to go with Goldust… just because nobody else earned it.

This week’s rating: 5 out of 10.  It just wasn’t good.

Last week’s rating: 8 out of 10



3 thoughts on “The RAW Review 11/08/2010

  1. Ok so when is the PPV so orton can be away from Nexus?? I am so sick of them… I know you like them Dave but just give me back my John Cena PLEASE


  2. Dave I must say..I enjoy the Raw and Smackdown reviews. I don’t get to watch, but you let people know wassup. I was curious…Some of the matches were “ok” but managed to only get 2 stars? Is that out of 10? I forget…ha:) Good work though, keep it up.


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