Smackdown opens up with the new video and the Green Day song.  I’m back and forth on it.  I personally think they should go with the song “Smackdown” by Thousand Foot Krutch.  Good stuff.

MATCH: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Results: N/A

Rating: **

The match ended due to interference from the Nexus (without their fearless leader, Wade Barrett) but before that it was good.  Otunga says this time they are taking over but Big Show came out, followed by Rey Mysterio and Kane.  They fought off Nexus and the show cut to commercial.

Up next, Teddy Long comes out and says that tonight Nexus will face Kane, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Edge, and Rey Mysterio in “the biggest 10-man tag team matchup ever in the history of Smackdown”.  That sounds oddly familiar…

Cole and the boys commented on Barrett not being a part of it and that he probably has a plan.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and they show a scene from NXT where Dolph was kissing Kaitlyn and Vickie threw a fit and ended up with cake on her face.  Why is it every time Vickie Guererro gets angry, she ends up with cake on her face?  Just asking.

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG

Results:  Dolph Ziggler wins

Rating: *

Surprised to even see JTG out here…  Kaitlyn comes out to celebrate.  Dolph is talking to her when Vickie comes out and asks her who she thinks she is.  Vickie slaps Kaitlyn and Dolph tells them to knock it off.  Whatever.

Backstage, Vickie whines to Teddy Long while Nexus beats up Rey Mysterio.

Nexus says that Wade Barrett is on the way to the UK and Nexus will catch up with him next week but for now, they are showing everyone that Nexus isn’t just about Wade Barrett and John Cena.  They attacked Mysterio because they can.

MATCH: MVP vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntrye (For the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title)

Results: MVP wins

Rating: *

McIntyre and Rhodes originally planned on double-teaming MVP, but you know how that goes – they turned on each other and MVP managed to benefit from it.

MATCH: Kaitlyn vs. Vickie Guererro

Results: Vickie Guererro wins

Rating: N/A

Why did they put us through this?  And now it’s time for the “Stand up for WWE” video from Monday.

Kofi Kingston took Rey Mysterio’s place in the main event against Nexus tonight.  Again, whatever.

Backstage, Nexus attacks Kaval and MVP.

MATCH: Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks

Results: Tyler Reks wins

Rating: *

Tyler Reks is a unique character, I’ll give him that.  Looks like he belongs on He-Man or Star-Trek though…

MAIN EVENT: Nexus vs. Team Smackdown

Results: Team Smackdown wins

Rating: **

Alberto Del Rio walked out on the match.  Husky Harris is jiggly – just a personal observation, I mean no offense.  Not a bad match.  I’m not surprised Edge got the winning pin though, that seems to be how it’s been going.  I’m expecting Edge to win at Survivor Series, ending Kane’s push with the title.
Looking forward to seeing what this does to Nexus.


The Slammy Award goes to: Edge – he worked two matches decently while the rest of the show was very lackluster.

This week’s rating: 3 out of 10.

Sorry guys, wasn’t feeling this one at all.  When the little things like how Husky Harris jiggles stick out to me more than the matches themselves, it says something.  DO BETTER.



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