Hey guys I didn’t do any blogs last week.  I took the week off but now I’m back with the RAW REVIEW!

Raw opens with Randy Orton standing in the ring with the WWE Title.  Orton says he doesn’t think there is a man alive who can take the title from him.  If someone could, he would accept it but he would NOT accept it being because of a crooked referee – especially if that happened to be John Cena.  He calls out Cena.  Cena comes out and tells Orton to cut him some slack.   He tries to explain the situation he is in and stops due to a chant by the crowd.  Cena tells Orton he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.  Orton says this is how Cena is explaining to him that he IS going to screw him over.  Orton says if Cena does that, then he’s the biggest phony in the WWE.  Orton tells Cena to get out of his ring and then says he forgot, Cena can’t leave the ring without Wade Barrett’s permission.   Cena says Wade Barrett is classless and does not know about respect.  Nexus comes out.  Cena and Barrett go back and forth.  Cena tells Barrett whether he is leaving Nexus or leaving the WWE, either way he will not go quietly and will leave Barrett with a parting gift (a beating).  Orton calls Barrett to the ring for a fight but the GM chimes in.  Michael Cole quotes the GM stating that tonight Wade Barrett and a partner of his choice will face Randy Orton and a partner of Orton’s choice, with special referee John Cena.

MATCH: David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd (the Hart Dynasty) vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel  (Nexus)

Results:  Slater & Gabriel win

Rating: **

This was a decent match, but short.  Still working on breaking up the Hart Dynasty it seems.

Backstage, R-Truth walks up to Cena and asks him what he is going to do.  Cena says he doesn’t know and he already told Randy that.  R-Truth says he isn’t Randy, he is John’s friend.  Cena shakes his head and walks off.

MATCH: Sheamus vs. Kozlov

Result: Sheamus Wins

Rating: *

Before the match started, Sheamus said he didn’t lose to Santino last week, he lost to himself.  He calls out Santino and Santino comes out.  Santino says he went trick-or-treating as Sheamus and everyone mistook him for a ghost.  He says he ate too much candy and can’t wrestle tonight because he might throw up… “IN YO FACE”.   He says he did however find a suitable replacement, hence Kozlov coming out and being in the match.  Kozlov told Sheamus he talks funny. 1 star for the match.  After the match, Sheamus stalked Santino up the ramp.  He set him up for the Irish Curse but John Morrison came to Santino’s rescue.

Backstage, R-Truth tells Orton that he feels for him.  He said he just talked to John and didn’t like what he saw.  They talk about Cena’s decision at Survivor Series.  R-Truth says Cena won’t let himself get fired.  Orton says that tonight he wants to make R-Truth his tag team partner so he can see how Cena treats his friends.  He says that tonight he thinks they will find out that Cena doesn’t have any friends.

After a commercial break, Mark Henry is backstage talking on the phone to Pee-Wee Herman who is right behind him on the phone.  Mark Henry talks about how things haven’t been the same since his tag partner Evan Bourne was hurt.  Pee-Wee compares that to a story of a time he had a splinter.  Pee-Wee says his show is going to take over Raw.  He says “Right, Lita?” and Lita pops in and says “Right, Pee-Wee!”  Good to see Lita back.  I just hope they use her.  One-time appearance?  Most likely.  If not, it would still make sense.  Matt Hardy is gone now, and so WWE is safe for her.  I hope she shows up more.

MATCH (NOT MUCH OF ONE): Zack Ryder vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Results: Ezekiel Jackson squashed Ryder in about a minute.

Rating:  N/A

I don’t rate squash matches, you guys know that by now.  Oh we also learned that Wade Barrett picked David Otunga as his partner so the main event is Orton and R-Truth against Barrett and Otunga with Cena as special ref.

Pee-Wee Herman makes his way to the ring.  He says tonight’s secret word is “ring”.  He says he is excited to be here and feels like a million dollars.  Out comes the Miz and Alex Riley.

Miz says he thought Raw losing at Bragging Rights was the lowest point of the show but he was obviously wrong.  He says he hated Pee-Wee, but loved He-Man.  Pee-Wee says “Why don’t you marry He-Man?”  Miz tries to tell Pee-Wee to get out of his ring and everyone screams.  He keeps trying to tell Pee-Wee off but Pee-Wee mocks him.  Miz finally shuts him up and asks him if he wants beaten into a pulp.  Pee-Wee says he isn’t scared and he tells Miz he is starting to make him angry.  He says he is a loner.  Miz says “Really?” and they go back and forth with “Really” until Pee-Wee says “Really infinity”.  They gave an amusing segment and then Pee-Wee brought out his “cousin”.  Big Show comes out in a Pee-Wee suit and throws Miz and Riley out of the ring.  The GM chimes in and Michael Cole reads the message.  He tells Miz that he isn’t getting out of this so easy.  Miz said he would beat anyone in Pee-Wee’s family so he will face the Big Pee-Wee next.

MATCH: The Big Show vs. Miz

Results:  Big Show wins by DQ when Miz hits him with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Rating: **.5

2.5 stars here.  Good history between these two which made the match enjoyable.  I honestly have to say that the Miz seems to rarely if at all ever botch any of his moves.  He is good on the mic and he gets the crowd going.  He needs to cash in the Money in the Bank and win a world title.

A video is shown for the “Stand up for WWE” campaign showing celebrities talking about why they loved being a part of the WWE (the celebs were all recent guest hosts).

Backstage, Wade Barrett tells Cena that after he raises Wade’s hand tonight that he wants him to clean his locker room.  After that, he can scrub his back.  After Barrett walks away, Otunga walks up and tells Cena it will be HIS hand that Cena raises because he has more talent than anyone in Nexus, including Cena.

MATCH: Ted Dibiase (with Maryse) vs. Daniel Bryan

Results: Daniel Bryan wins by Submission

Rating: **

Good match, Bryan seemed to bring out the best of Dibiase.  Dibiase yells at Maryse after the match and tells her he can’t concentrate and needs his title back.

Lay-Cool comes out and talks and says they will give Natalya another opportunity if she can win tonight.

MATCH: Natalya vs. Michelle McCool

Results: Natalya wins

Rating: *.5

This was actually decent.  For once, the antics of Lay-Cool backfired and Layla got hurt by Michelle a few times.  Was good to see Natalya earn another chance.  Someone needs to take that title.

Backstage, a doctor (was that Freddie Prinze Jr?) asks “how’s my favorite patient today?”  He says a few more things and we discover that the “patient” he is talking about is Vince McMahon.  Good to see Vince back(ish) on TV.

After a commercial break, the doctor is talking to Vince (still unconscious in the bed) about how devoted Linda McMahon is.  The doctor mentions that Linda spent 50 million dollars on the campaign, which causes Vince’s heart rate to speed up.  Vince sits up and is irate over the amount spent.  Vince says he hates politics, but as long as everything is ok in the WWE, he’s ok.  The doctor says things aren’t running smoothly because Taker was buried, John Cena is in Nexus, Paul Bearer is back, Goldust is getting married tomorrow, and Raw is being taken over by Pee-Wee Herman.  Vince says the next thing he’s going to hear is that Daniel Bryan is US Champ.  The doctor looks and Vince rips off his IV and says he has to go to the bathroom.  He says stand back, he’s going to run.  Then he stops and says if his wife can run for senate, then he can run for president of the United States.  He hobbles out of the room wearing her opponents banner on his butt.  Then Stephanie McMahon wakes up and says she just had the weirdest dream.  She asks Triple H if her husband is still in a coma and Triple H says “Yeah he’s in a coma.  I’m pretty sure he’s brain dead.”  Stephanie’s only response is “Thank God.”  I laughed.  This was funny.  I love the McMahons.

MAIN EVENT: Wade Barrett & David Otunga vs. Randy Orton & R-Truth
Special Guest Referee: John Cena

Results:  Orton & R-Truth win

Rating: ***

This was a good main event.  Cena’s interactions with both teams helped to further the CeNexus story (See what I did there?) and keeps us wondering what will happen at Survivor Series.  By the way I’ll be getting Survivor Series because I get it half-priced(ish) thanks to Gamestop and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 – I just have to figure out how to redeem my code when I order it.  Back to the match though, it was good, it went longer than I expected and I liked the ending regarding Cena not seeing the tag between R-Truth and Randy Orton.  I personally would love to see Cena turn completely heel but they are truly making it seem like it won’t be happening.  Cena counted the pin when R-Truth pinned Otunga.  Wade Barrett yelled at Cena and Orton celebrated the win inside the ring.  Cena turned back to watch Barrett and Orton stare each other down as the show ended.

This week’s Slammy Award goes to:  Daniel Bryan – his match with Ted Dibiase showed us that Dibiase can in fact work well in the ring and that some of his sloppier matches of late could have been due to his opponents rather than his own skills.

Overall Show Rating: 8 out of 10 – this show had a total of 6 REAL matches and 1 squash – that’s great and unexpected.  Raw seems to be picking it up a notch lately and I am glad to see the McMahon’s in action.


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