It’s time again for the Smackdown Review!  We open up being told that Orton and Kane will face off tonight for the main event.  Team Raw and Smackdown are in the ring with Teddy Long.  Teddy Long says each person from Team Raw will face off against someone from Team Smackdown, and that they can choose their own opponents.  He asks Miz who Miz wants to face Miz says he wants him, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus to be on a team against 3 guys from Team Smackdown.  Big Show picks Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio to be on a team with him.  Edge gets the mic and says he wants a one on one match with CM Punk.  John Morrison challenges Alberto Del Rio.  Swagger picks Santino Marella and apparently Tyler Reks and Alex Riley aren’t given a spotlight tonight.

Match: Rey Mysterio, Big Show and Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson and the Miz

Results:  Big Show, Kofi and Rey win

Rating: **

Decent match and sets up for a strong show.  Looking forward to seeing what comes from this point on for tonight’s show.

Match: Santino vs. Jack Swagger

Results: Swagger wins

Rating: *

What was going on with Hornswaggle and the Eagle?  Seriously… things like that aren’t necessary.

Up next, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes tells us to wear lip balm so that we too can be dashing.  Sometimes, he applies a moisturizing lip gloss as well.  Keep on being manly, Cody.

Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison

Results:  Alberto Del Rio wins

Rating: ***

Good match.  I love the work these guys do in the ring; both of them are very talented.  That armbar Alberto uses is devastating.

Match: Edge vs. CM Punk

Results:  N/A

Rating: N/A

The Miz and Alex Riley rush in and the match turns into a cluster that ends with everyone hitting their finishers on each other, with Punk hitting the GTS on Mysterio and Edge hitting the spear on Punk to end it.  Good segment, but I don’t give ratings to clusters.

Up next, Lay-Cool come out dressed as Natalia (with a mustache and beard like her father’s) and Bret Hart.  Out comes with Natalya and Kelly Kelly and it turns out we’ll be seeing a tag match tonight.

Match: Natalya & Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool and Layla

Results:  Natalya wins (Kelly didn’t even get to e in the match)

Ratings:  N/A

This wasn’t much of a tag match since Kelly didn’t even see ring time and it was over in 2 minutes.  Thank God.

MAIN EVENT: Randy Orton vs. Kane

Results: Orton wins

Rating: **

Gave this 2 stars because it went for a good while before it was over.  Taker turned out the lights and Orton was able to get the win on Kane.  Then, the Undertaker tore through the ring and pulled Kane under it.  We heard some noises and Kane’s screams fading away as the arena went dark.

This week’s Slammy Award goes to: Kane.  It’s been a long time since he has gotten a good push and this is his time to shine.  Even if that means getting pulled into the eternal depths of Hell…

Overall Show Rating:  7 out of 10

Last week’s rating: 8



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