Halo Reach.  The final Halo game from Bungie leaves us wanting more… wanting more credits per match, that is.  Let’s get the negatives out of the way first.   Every piece of armor in this game requires 2 things – reaching the required rank and having enough credits.  That’s all fine and dandy, except for one thing.  The credits act as a currency in the game, which means that when you spend them, they are gone.  The problem here is that nothing is cheap and the payout of credits per match is incredibly low.  At anywhere from 500-3000 credits per match (and usually on the lower end for average players), you would expect it to seem like a good amount – but when you look at such unlockables such as the Hearts armor effect (a mere 200,000 credits cost) you realize you have a lot of work ahead of you.

When just one thing in the game requires anywhere from 67-400 matches to achieve (at 10-15 minutes a piece), you start to realize what you are seeing take place.  Even worse is the Lightning effect which costs an outrageous 2,000,000 credits.  This will take up to 4,000 games to achieve.  At 10 minutes a piece, this equals out just over Satan’s favorite number of hours – 666… take the hint.  That means you would have to play for the entire month of February non-stop (leap years excluded).  That’s right a whopping 27 days full of gameplay to unlock the top reward in this game.  After that’s unlocked?  You’ll be back to 0 credits and starting all over again to work on whatever else you may be wanting in the game.  Now the way I see it, this could be an easy fix from Bungie as they could easily adjust the amount of credits we are given per match to make this a little less outrageous.

Aside from that, there are some neutral things about the game such as the new assassinations.  Though fun to watch, they leave an opening for someone to steal your kill, wait around and kill you as soon as you are finished, or at times – both.  This is more of a neutral situation as the kills are fun to watch and you are able to benefit when someone else is doing them as well, so it evens out.

The positives however are that the good old Halo 3 feel is back in Halo: Reach multiplayer but with small improvements.  Campaign mode actually has a new feel to it as it is more important to work as a team now instead of going vigilante like you could in H3.  That being said, campaign is something sort of new feeling which is good.  Overall, Halo Reach is a must for any Halo fan but has that “final” game feel on it where you can tell that Bungie did not give it their all.

Overall ranking….

8 Presentation
It’s good, developers delivered.
9 Graphics
It looks good,  better than Halo 3, but it still could use some love in this field.
10 Sound
The soundtrack is perfect and gripping.
8.5 Gameplay
They did well with this because it’s something we’ve all been used to but at the same time it has some new tweaks and sparks to it.
8 Lasting Appeal
Unless you are a fanatic, this game will quickly feel like an upgraded Halo 3 and will definitely find its way to possibly being TOO nostalgic.
8.5 Overall rating:
A package that all other developers can look to as the definition of complete.

2 thoughts on “Halo Reach: Gamer Review

  1. It sounds like they built a player incentive system that would last for a long time–that’s a good thing. It’s also a system that can be adjusted. Daily and Weekly challenges offer large cR payouts, and they help players uncover awesome aspects of the game that might otherwise go ignored. I don’t think I’ve ever played a Halo campaign as much as I’ve played in Reach, and I’m loving it.


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