It’s time for the Smackdown review!  The show opens up showing Undertaker standing outside on the roof with a purple light shining on him.  Cool.  By the way, the opening theme is growing on me.  Anyways, apparently Paul Bearer has a challenge to the Undertaker tonight.  Theodore Long is in the ring and says it’s time for Bragging Rights.  Last year they won, and according to Long it will happen again this year.  They showed the 6 men from team RAW that we know.  Long reminds us that the Big Show is captain of Team Smackdown and announces that there will be qualifying matches tonight, starting now.

Match (to determine spot 2 of team Smackdown): Rey Mysterio vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

Results: Rey Mysterio Wins

Rating: **

This match got 10-15 minutes and was overall decent.  Lots of near falls make for a good matchup.  Rey-Rey won with the 619 of course.  I guess you have to be smaller than 6ft to make your opponents land ever-so-perfectly on that second rope, eh?

Team Smackdown so far is Big Show and Rey Mysterio.  Hornswaggle and Big Show are hanging out backstage – Hornswaggle is wearing his blue Viking mascot gear.  Kaval comes up and says if given the opportunity, he won’t let Big Show down.  Big Show tells him to “slow his role” and Kaval says everyone was new at some point, what did you do your first match here?  Big Show laughs and says he won the heavyweight title during his first match.  They continue to go back and forth and Big Show says Kaval wouldn’t last 5 minutes with Big Show.  They make a deal that if Kaval lasts 5 minutes, he will be added to the team.

Paul Bearer’s challenge is for the Undertaker to face Kane in a Buried Alive match.  He gave a long speech about it, which is fine.   Good way to get in the Halloween spirit, I suppose.

Big Show comes out to ringside for commentary.

MATCH (to determine spot 3 of team Smackdown): Jack Swagger (with the Eagle) vs. MVP

Results:  Swagger wins

Rating: *

The Eagle distracted MVP in this one, MVP threw the Eagle over the announce table and Swagger took advantage and won it.

We get another shot of the Undertaker on the roof, doing what I’m going to call his “Sting Thing”.  You know, dark character lurking in the rooftops/rafters.  Just go with it.

MATCH (to determine spot 4 of team Smackdown): Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Masters

Results: Alberto Del Rio wins

Rating: **

Alberto Del Rio has a very impressive set of moves.  He has a good gimmick.  Big Show tried to shake hands with Del Rio and welcome him to team Smackdown.  Del Rio looks Big Show right in the eye and winks at him.  Big Show says he respects the guts it took to do that.

We get a sneak peak at Knucklehead, featuring the Big Show.  It looks pretty good, comic-wise.  Big Show is a humorous guy so I’m sure it has some laughs to it.

Edge is making his way to the ring.

MATCH (to determine spot 5 of team Smackdown): Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler

Results:  Edge wins

Rating: ***.5

Three and a half stars for this one because it was that good.  Edge and Dolph worked GREAT together.  It ended with Edge going for a spear, but Ziggler jumped over it and tried to jump off the turnbuckle but Edge hit a spear on Ziggler in mid-air.  It was really good.

We get another shot of Taker doing his “Sting Thing”.

MATCH (to determine if Kaval gets spot 6 of team Smackdown): Big Show vs. Kaval – 5 minute challenge

Results: Kaval barely lasts

Rating: **

I have to say I like the way Big Show has treated everyone – it shows him to be a good team leader while The Miz doesn’t exactly have that for team Raw.  Will that be the decision maker at Bragging Rights?  I guess we’ll find out.

Kaval is in the ring when Tyler Reks comes out and challenges Kaval to a match right now for his spot on team Smackdown.  Teddy Long comes out and says he can’t allow that.  Kaval says he doesn’t need a babysitter and if Reks wants his spot, then he has to take it from him.

MATCH (Kaval puts up spot 6 of team Smackdown on the line) Kaval vs. Tyler Reks

Results: Tyler Reks wins

Rating: N/A

Tyler Reks has a sweet looking finisher.  The commentators say Kaval’s pride cost him the match.  Shame shame, Kaval, haven’t you learn anything from the Undertaker’s current storyline?

We get a preview video for the Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights, which is one week from Sunday.  I’ll probably be doing a Review on it.

Grooming Tips from “Dashing” Cody Rhodes telling us how we can be dashing – snip, snip, snip!  Cut your nails, folks!  Don’t forget to shape it with a nail-file and, if you want it to have a certain sparkle, use some clear nail polish.  Yeah, he said it.

MATCH (to determine spot 7 of Team Smackdown): Drew McIntrye vs. Kofi Kingston

Results: Kofi Kingston wins

Rating: *.5

This one was short but had some good spots in it.  Team Smackdown looks pretty good, I have to say.

A backstage camera shows us that Taker is doing his “Sting Thing” but is inside now.  Dun dun dun!

Kane and Paul Bearer come out to the ring.  I loved the audience members bowing to Kane.  There was a cool fire effect on the ring canvas.  Kane said that Taker is a mere shell of his former self because Kane made him that way and is superior to him.  Kane says he is superior to everyone in the audience at well.  He talks about how Undertaker has failed every time against Kane lately and will fail again.  Kane says his brother will be buried alive.  The crowd starts chanting for Taker and the bell tolls as the lights go out.  Fire on the ramp and Taker makes his way out to the ring with no coat and at a faster pace than usual.  Kane shakes his head, not worried at all.  Taker looks at Bearer for a moment and then back at Kane.  Kane takes a step back and then another.  Taker attacks and starts beating on Kane while Paul Bearer books it out of there.  Kane and Bearer rush to the ramp.  Taker does Kane’s taunt and fire comes from the turnbuckles.  Taker raises his hands in fury and lightning strikes the ramp, almost hitting Kane and Bearer.  The urn is on the ground between them, halfway down the ramp.  Taker does his pose down on one knee as the camera fades.

This week’s Slammy Award goes to: Dolph Ziggler – that match with Edge earned this for him – it’s time to give Dolph a bigger push – World title picture, perhaps?

Overall show rating: 8 out of 10!

Great show, just like RAW was.  A full card on each show (7 matches a piece) made these shows worth watching, so if you didn’t get to see them, do your best to.  They were good.

See you Monday for the Raw review!


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