Right before logging in to our site tonight, I glanced through the blog topics that were featured on the home page of wordpress.com. One caught my attention and I felt it was good enough to share.

Kathy Randall recently blogged about making cake inside oranges. It seems interesting and I may just have to buy some oranges and cake mix on my next trip to the store.

Go here to read her post and see pictures! http://kathyrandall.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/cakeinanorange/

Have you ever made these? Do you know of other creative ways to make cakes, muffins, etc? This post took me back to my college days. Freshman year, my small group made cakes or brownies in coffee cups. All I remember is how strange it seemed and I think we made them with pop. Hmm.. now I am going to be hunting down that recipe to share here as well!


4 thoughts on “Cake… in an orange?

  1. Very interesting! Seems cool though the ways you can compromise with different stuff, very creative imaginations! 🙂


    1. Cindy, I thought the same thing when I looked at it. Considering you can’t even eat orange skin – well you can, but WHY? lol. I’ll stick to normal cake, cupcakes and cake-cones (Cupcakes baked in an ice cream cone = yum!). This is one dessert Michelle is talking about that I am in no hurry to try!


  2. OK, so it doesn’t look too good, but it’s cake. I’m sure if I made it with our favorite cake I may convince Dave to try it. Try it, as in eat it out of the orange, not with the orange peeling. 😉

    I talked to my college room mate. She remembers making the cakes but not much about them. She found online that one box of cake mix takes one can of pop. Maybe i’ll try it sometime, maybe I won’t. It’s not that it sounds super amazing, it’s just something different. Maybe more exciting to a college student who only had access to a microwave so finding new ways to make things were fun. 🙂


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