Do you prefer bottled water over tap water? Do you get tired of having to stock water bottles into your refrigerator and making sure there’s some in there at all times for your family to enjoy? Then maybe you’d like to have your very own water cooler in your home. is currently running a giveaway for a FREE Primo Water Cooler. According to them, 3 out of 4 people prefer Primo water over other spring water.
I learned a lot of cool things about this product through Cindy’s review. The coolers offer cold AND hot water. The bottles are reused a few times and then recycled which is beneficial to the environment. New bottles are available to purchase (at your convenience) at local retailers. Also, for those of us who think we could never lift one of those large bottles of water – they offer different sizes so even the weakest of us (definitely ME!) can handle lifting and carrying one when needed.

Those are just a few of the good things about the Primo water coolers. Head on over to and get in your entries now through October 25th.


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