It’s late, I know, and we are just an hour away from Smackdown but here is my quicker than usual RAW review!

I missed the first bit of RAW (which was a Nexus/Cena piece) due to issues with my cable connection.  I fixed the issue and Raw comes onto my screen with Michael Tarver yelling at Cena and Bourne for shaking hands.  Apparently it’s a tag match, Cena & Tarver against Bourne and Henry.

Match: Nexus member’s Cena (woot!) & Tarver vs. Bourne and Henry

Results: Bourne and Henry win mainly because Cena refused to help.

Rating: *

Giving this one star just for the sake of Evan Bourne, but seriously, this wasn’t what I wanted to see from Cena.  After the match, he said he would destroy Nexus from the inside, starting with Tarver.  He then went and beat down on Tarver until the GM chimed in.  The GM said the stipulation was that Cena joins Nexus, and that is exactly what Cena must do or else he will be fired.  Yay for a good decision!  How sweet was it when the crowd was chanting “Never give up”?  Seriously, people, let him be heel.  Words of wisdom, let it be.

Match: Natalya vs. Alicia Foxx

Results: Natalya wins

Rating: N/A

The match went so quick, I mean, what was that, like, 2 moves??  Natalya won.  Good for her.  Give her gold – er – silver – or whatever color that belt is nowadays.

Match: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

Results: Daniel Bryan wins via DQ

Rating: N/A

Two N/As in a row.  Why?  Because matches that are so quick and pointless don’t get ratings in my blog.  They are equal to promos in my opinion.  Sheamus laid into Bryan with nonstop frustration and got DQ’d.  Alright.

Up next was a promo as Cole said he is the voice of the WWE (this was the first Michael Cole involved promo I somewhat enjoyed.  Sorry, Heidenreich).  Edge came out and threatened Cole and The Miz and Alex Riley came out to defend Cole.   The GM announced that Edge was traded to Smackdown and that a battle royal would be going on later tonight to determine the #1 contender.  For those wondering, it’s rumored that CM Punk was the one traded from Smackdown for Edge.  Edge speared Riley, Miz hit the skull-crushing finale on Edge and they all lived happily ever after.

Backstage, Barrett tells Cena to make sure he wins.  David Otunga spoke up and said “yeah, and if he gets eliminated, make sure one of the rest of us wins.”  Wade told Otunga to know his role and shut his mouth…. No he didn’t.  He just silenced him and told Cena to listen to him and him alone, or he would be fired.

Match: The Bellas vs. Lay-cool

Results: The Bellas actually won!

Rating: another N/A

I’m not rating this one for 3 reasons.  1, we were forced to listen to Lay-cool on the mic for the entire match, 2, it wasn’t much of a match and 3, it was won by the two girls who usually just hang over the guest hosts.  Speaking of which, it’s Johnny Knoxville time.  We had seen Knoxville twice throughout the night earlier when Zack Ryder and Ted Dibiase got high-fived by some giant hand thing.  It was fun to watch, and forgive me but I replayed the Zack Ryder one for laughs.  It deserved a replay.

Dibiase and Maryse came out and Dibiase attacked Knoxville, but then a video came up saying you are mine or something or another.  Goldust showed up behind Dibiase and hit him with a finisher.  He said he didn’t want Dibiase.  He went to Maryse and said he didn’t want her.  He picked up the Million Dollar belt and said “I want you.”  That’s cool.  I like Goldust, always have.  Good to see him.  Good to see them doing something with Ted Dibiase as well, perhaps it will get him somewhere (cue eye-rolls here).

Main Event: 20-man battle royal

Results: Wade Barrett wins

Rating: ***

This was decent.  Cena protected Barrett through the entire match (despite eliminating Otunga).  It came down to Cena and Barrett and Barrett told Cena to walk out.  It took 5 minutes for us to witness the inevitable.  Cena walked out and Barrett won.  Alright, I like it.

Overall, it was an alright show, I guess.

This week’s slammy award goes to…. Wade Barrett.  What can I say, I like Barrett.

Show rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars – the only good match was the main event.  Let’s hope for some good stuff on Smackdown tonight!


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