Hey guys!  It’s time for my Hell in A Cell 2010 Review!  I’m scrambling in to get this done before the RAW live broadcast tonight so let’s jump right into it.

We open up with highlights of everything leading up to the PPV and we kick off with the first matchup.

Match: US Championship on the line in the first ever Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Submission match!  Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison

My predicted winner: Daniel Bryan

Results: Daniel Bryan wins, retaining the title

Rating: **.5

2 ½ stars isn’t bad when the top rating is a 5, keep that in mind.  This was a decent match and I’m anxious to see where they go with these guys from here.  Something interesting to note is Michael Cole referring to Daniel Bryan as “the real deal”.  I guess this is their way of showing that Daniel Bryan has earned his respect.

Up next, The World Heavyweight Title match.  I was honestly surprised to see this one happen so early on in the PPV.

Match: World Heavyweight Title on the line in a Hell in a Cell match!  Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

My predicted winner: Randy Orton

Results: Orton wins, retaining the title

Rating: **.5

I enjoyed this one though the commentary amused me at times.  Something about the way they explained Sheamus using the steel steps really just caused me to roll my eyes a bit.  I almost wonder if they were trying to cover up for how stupid the backbreaker to the knee with Sheamus’ foot on the steps looked.  I get it, I just didn’t feel it I guess.  Either way it had a good ending and I’m looking forward to the RKO on steps being a move you can pull off in the upcoming WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 video game.  THQ is on the ball with that game, I can tell.  It’s out October 26 and I already have mine preordered as I do every year.  Check it out at http://www.smackdownvsraw.com .   Yes, I plugged it because I’m a fanboy of it.  Deal with it.  Back to the show…  Orton climbed up the cell after the match and gave a nice “look at me I’m the champ” pose.  Cool.

Backstage we see Josh Matthews with the NXT Season 3 ladies.  They said stuff.  I don’t know what because it was “get a refill of pop” time – or soda, if you prefer.  Then Wade Barrett showed up and said tomorrow on Raw Nexus would have a special gift for Cena.  Nexus attire.  Sweet.  Anyone planning to change Cena’s attire to black and yellow in SVR2011?

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring talking about Rey and Christian and wonders who will be next for his special PPV debut.  Out comes Edge.   Edge says Del Rio is stupid.  Del Rio winks at Edge and Edge calls that stupid.  Edge continues to name everything stupid about Del Rio and Del Rio is ready to fight.  Swagger comes out and words are said between the three men.  Of course, there’s the Raw GM’s NEW laptop dinging away.  Cole gets up and announces that tomorrow on Raw, Edge must apologize to the GM live in front of everybody.  As for right now, Edge will fight Swagger one on one.

Match: Edge vs. Swagger

My Prediction: I had friends over for the PPV and even though I didn’t predict a winner (this match wasn’t announced until right before it happened), we all predicted a winner before the match took place.  All of us picked Edge.

Results: Edge

Rating: *.5

1 ½ stars.  It was an ok match but felt more like a time filler to me.  Edge is always impressive in the ring but I just didn’t think he and Swagger work a proper feud.  I guess I’m saying it’s “stupid.”

Up next, Cena vs. Barrett – one of the matches I was most excited about during this PPV and yay for me, it was time for it.  Backstage, the rest of Nexus was talking and David Otunga said he had a plan and they won’t get disqualified.  The rest of them were hesitant but went along with it.

Match: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett – if Cena wins, Nexus disbands.  If Barrett wins, Cena joins Nexus.

My Predicted Winner: Wade Barrett

Results: Wade Barrett

Rating: ***

This was just a good match, a great feud and the midpoint of a so-far very decent PPV.  I was frightened that Cena was going to win and ruin my correct-guessing streak.  Nope!  Two “fans” got involved with the match.  One distracted the referee and one hit Cena with some object and knocked him out.  Barrett got the 3count and won the match and I’m pretty sure I marked out a bit.  By the way, after watching it a bit, I’m thinking one of the “fans” was either the curly-haired dude from Lost or Husky from NXT Season 2.  Is NXT Season 2 joining with Nexus as well?  Who knows?  Not sure if they will even reveal if that was him or not, and I’m also not sure who the other guy was.  I’ve stayed away from spoiler pages all day today to prevent myself from finding out.

Backstage, Paul Bearer tells Josh Matthews that he has spent the last 6 years developing a master plan.  This lead me to believe that what I thought SHOULD happen was actually going to happen.  Though my final prediction was Taker, I did state that perhaps Bearer would turn on Taker and that’s exactly what I thought was being suggested during this promo.

Up next, divas.

Match: Divas Championship match: Michelle McCool vs. Natalya Neidhart

My Prediction: Natalya

Results: Natalya wins (via DQ), so McCool still retains the title.

Rating: *
A DQ was NOT the way to go for this one.  Laycool has had their run, can we PLEASE move past it?

Up next, the main event!

Match:  WWE Championship is defended in a Hell in a Cell match: Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Kane

My prediction:  In the words of Michael Cole, AND I QUOTE: “Undertaker has almost seemed to go into this one TOO strong.  Perhaps Bearer will turn on Taker?  Anything is possible in the WWE.  We’ll see how it goes.  If all signs point correctly though, it does seem that Taker is winning the World title tonight.”  Take from that what you will 😉

Results: Bearer turns on Taker and Kane wins, retaining the title.

Rating: ***

I pretty much called that ending but was still very surprised by it.  I thought it was too reasonable for WWE to go that route but they did and I am honestly impressed.  Looking forward to what RAW brings tonight and will try to blog about it WHILE I am watching it.  Expect the blog to get posted by morning either way.

Slammy award goes to: whoever clocked Cena upside the head to help Barrett win.  John Cena + Nexus = epic.

Overall show rating: 3 out of 5 stars!  Way to go, WWE.  You put on a good one this time!


One thought on “Hell In A Cell 2010 Review

  1. I HATE NXT and Love Cena now I’m sad =(… first he plays fred’s dad in that HORRID MOVIE (that my kids love btw) and now he’s part of NXT… NOOOOOOOOO


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