Welcome to my first edition of The Smackdown Review!  Tonight, Smackdown came at us LIVE from Oklahoma, on the Syfy network.  The show opens with a new intro video and theme song (“Know Your Enemy” by Green Day).  I hated it.  The song doesn’t fit the show.  MVP and Ziggler are in the ring as their entrances already took place earlier in the night during a Syfy COUNTDOWN TO SMACKDOWN special.  I missed it, didn’t know about it.  Thanks for the heads up on it WWE.  I mean come on, I don’t see enough recaps (sarcasm, folks, sarcasm!).  Ok so MVP and Ziggler starts up.

MATCH: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guererro)

Result: N/A

Rating: *

The match was ok but ended quick as Nexus came out (without Wade Barrett) and bludgeoned both men.  Big Show came out (why does Striker keep calling Big Show the Giant?  I know he’s big, but hasn’t he used that name already?… – 2 minutes in, folks.)  Nexus took down the Big Show/Giant and then Cena came out.  Nexus took down Cena but then Big Show/Giant came back into the ring with a steel chair and hit Heath Slater.  Nexus cleared the ring.  Wade Barrett came on the titantron and instructed Teddy Long to inform us (which he did) that Cena would face Kane and Big Show/Giant would face the Nexus in a 5 on 1 match.  Apparently Barrett had the right to demand the matches due to being good friends with president of Syfy, Dave Howe.

Match: Laycool, Maryse & Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Kelly Kelly & The Bellas

Results: Natalya, Kelly Kelly & The Bellas

Rating: ½ a star

Not going to say much about that match, nor am I going to give it a full star.  I like Natalya and would like to see her win the title at Hell in a Cell.  Oh yeah, for the Hornswaggle fans out there, he got involved by trying to pull Layla under the ring and then chasing her around the ring.  Michelle McCool kicked him and that took him out of play for the match.  Natalya won it for her team with a sharpshooter.

Up next, Swagger comes out with an Eagle and talks about how he is from Oklahoma.  He was actually getting some cheers.  Then he started insulting EVERYONE and EVERYTHING about Oklahoma.  Here comes Jim Ross with some BBQ Sauce to throw on him (http://www.jrsbarbq.com/) – wait, nevermind, that’s Edge (without the BBQ sauce).  Edge says ever since went crazy and destroyed the GM Laptop on RAW, he’s had an agenda.  5 days.  Impressive!  Edge says his agenda is to get rid of the stupidity in WWE (I guess he was still making final touches on his “agenda” earlier when Hornswaggle was chasing Layla around the ring…).  Edge makes fun of Swaggers lisp, the fact that he has a mascot, and the fact that he calls the mascot “Swaggers Soaring Eagle”.  He goes after Swagger but Swagger’s Eagle Mascot gets in the way.  Edge punches the mascot and Swagger gets out of there.  Edge spears the Eagle.  Then Jim Ross comes out and throws some BBQ Sauce on him – again, I’m kidding.  Sadly, no JR tonight.  Just a speared Eagle.

Up next, Cody Rhodes tells us to wear deodorant.  He also tells us how to put it on.   I guess Edge had to make a few adjustments to his “rid WWE of stupidity” agenda.  Maybe he’ll have it sorted out by the time we see RAW with guest host Johnny Knoxville (from MTV’s Jackass).  Sure.  Why not?

Match: Big Show/Giant vs. Nexus

Results: Nexus PWNS! (They won, k?)

Rating: ***

Nexus did something awesome tonight.  Big Show has been on a winning streak as of late and they put a very nice end to it.  A guy holding each arm in an arm bar and a guy holding each leg in a leg lock left Barrett to apply a scissors sleeper hold which left Big Show unconscious to end the match.  That ending was the very reason why Nexus needs to win this Sunday.  Then, they set up for Gabriel to hit his 450 splash.  Barrett demands one more time and Gabriel seemed a bit reluctant, but he did it and he seemed to have botched it.  It still worked out because this time his knees hit Big Show in the ribs.  Hey, don’t ride him for it unless you can do two 450 splashes perfectly back to back.  The fans are enjoying this, they get good heat and are an excellent angle.  For once WWE, will you let Cena prove to be a little less superhuman than you have made him seem so many times before?

Up next, Punk against Taker.  Ohhhh yeeessss!

Match: CM Punk vs. Undertaker (with Paul Bearer)

Winner: The Undertaker

Rating: **

I liked it.  Classic Taker but the match seemed dull other than that.  Maybe it was an off night as I personally feel that both Punk and Taker are good workers.  Either way, Taker had to win this one to look strong going into Hell in a Cell this Sunday (which I believe I will be seeing and reviewing so keep an eye open for it!).  A loss is ok for CM Punk, but after Bearer’s return last week on Smackdown, Taker has to show ongoing strength.  I just hope Bearer is back for a good while.  Punk didn’t need to look strong because Big Show didn’t need to look strong.  Honestly, I expect Punk to get the win Sunday.

Up next, Alberto Del Rio comes out and says that he wants to apologize to Rey Mysterio for breaking his arm and he is going to kiss him on the cheek.  He calls out Mysterio but instead, Ricardo Rodriguez comes out with a Chihuahua.  The dog is wearing a miniature Mysterio mask.  Then Edge came out and speared the dog and JR comes out and puts some BBQ sauce on it – nope, didn’t happen, sorry.  Rodriguez brings the dog out to the ring and Del Rio apologizes to the dog and kisses it, calling it Rey.  Mysterio then comes out and hits 619 on Rodriguez.  Del Rio gets out of there and his little dog too! I like Alberto Del Rio. I like his performance on the mic and in the ring.

Match: Randy Orton vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes (with Drew McIntyre)

Results: Orton wins

Rating: **

Another win for the WWE Champ as Orton hit an RKO and got the 3 on Rhodes.  McIntyre came in but Orton hit him with an RKO.  Then Sheamus came in and delivered his boot to Orton’s face.  Orton was out.  Sheamus had a red wristband on I haven’t noticed before and he kept staring at it.  Either it was new and he wanted us all to realize it, or he just noticed it too.  I think he liked how shiny it was because he had a goofy smile on his face.

WWE shows a video package of their work with the Make-A-Wish foundation.  Good stuff here.

Main event: Kane vs. John Cena in a Lumberjack match with the NEXUS as Lumberjacks

Results: N/A

Rating: N/A

Explain this to me.  Did anyone catch the 900th episode of RAW?  Do you remember when THIS happened?

Explain to me why the Undertaker didn’t get his revenge on Nexus tonight while he is at the top of his game.  As a matter of fact, where did the Nexus even go?  Why did Cena just walk out on his match tonight?  These sorts of questions shouldn’t have to be asked.  The proper way to end this would have been to have Nexus and Kane gang up on Cena and then have Taker come to the rescue.  Instead, the match turned into a Kane vs. Taker brawl with, of course, the Undertaker being on top.  Ending the show with Taker on top is of course the right thing to do but there should have been a Nexus and Taker confrontation.  Continuity, WWE, let’s get more of it please.

Well guys, thanks for reading!  I’ll be posting my Hell in a Cell PPV Predictions over the next 24 hours and Sunday night I’ll be posting a review of the PPV itself.  Looks like it’ll be a good one.

Tonights SLAMMY award goes to…. The Nexus.  Don’t hassle me about that being 5 people, even their music tells you they “are one”.

Starting next week, I’m going to add show ratings to my blogs.  Thanks for reading!  Feel free to leave comments!


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