What an exciting week this has been!  Grace went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Cavinee for a couple nights while Michelle and I worked and shopped hard to prepare for baby Darren and to get what we needed to turn Grace’s playroom into her very first bedroom!  After 3 hard days (and very late nights) of working on it, we finally got it the way we wanted it!  There is still some cleaning and sorts to do as far as sorting out her toys, but the bedroom looks beautiful!

We started off day one by going to Toys R Us before youth group (we help out at a local church) on Wednesday night.  We purchased a Disney Princess themed toddler bed with a canopy and a toy organizer (also Disney Princess themed).  We came home that night, excited to start building our dream room for Grace but then the fun started.  After about an hour of struggling with the bed to get the frame of the bed itself put together, I finally had it.  Unfortunately, that was the easy part.

After attaching the headboard and footboard, the instructions told me to attach the bed rails.  That would have been great, if only they were built properly.  Unfortunately, they were not.  The parts of the rails that were meant to attach to the top of the bed were built too small and could not, with every ounce of my strength, be put onto the bed.  The fix to this problem:  taking a hammer, laying the plastic parts on the floor, and trusting my aim to hammer them open even slightly wider to see if it would adjust and fit to the bed.  My aim was just right (go me!) and after about 10 minutes of hammering on thick plastic, I finally got the bed rails clips open just enough that using all of my force would attach them to the bed successfully!  Acknowledging my victory, I performed a little happy dance and went to assist my wife, who was hard at work trying to figure out the canopy.

We got about 8 pieces of the canopy connected to each other when we started to work on the next part.  This part had us a bit unsure to begin with, as we were supposed to attach these tiny pink Velcro pieces to the poles we had just connected.  Apparently, the Velcro was expected to hold upper part of the canopy poles to the bed.  That didn’t sound very sturdy to us and we were skeptical of whether or not we would even keep the canopy up in the long run.  Then came the decisive factor for us as yet another manufacturing mistake was made.  The loop on one of the Velcro pieces was too small to fit onto the poles.  We were stuck, and so we decided we would wait until the next day to get that figured out.

The next day, we went back to Toys R’ Us and showed them the Velcro piece.  We also showed them one of the container bins for the toy organizer which we had to return because it had holes in the bottom of it.  They found the toy organizer bin for us without a problem but they just couldn’t find the Velcro.  After so long, they brought the bed instructions out and asked my wife (I was somewhere else in the store working on a baby registry) to look at the instructions and show them where the Velcro belongs.  She looked through the instructions and realized the bed they were looking at didn’t have the Velcro at all!  The manager realized that the company must have changed the materials for the bed and so he informed the employee to give us the ENTIRE set of canopy parts!  We were well on our way (thanks to Toys R’ Us!!!) to getting the bed finally put together!

We came home that night and I put together the canopy (which is very sturdy and safe-feeling, unlike the old one we had).  We attached it to the bed and completed it and were very satisfied with the completed product.  I am SO glad the company realized how much of a disaster their first model of this bed was!  I am also so thankful to Toys R’ Us for being kind enough to give us the entire group of parts for the canopy so that we had all of the new parts we needed (there were quite a few differences between the new and the old canopy).

Today came and we picked up our daughter and went shopping.  We grabbed a few extra things for her room (such as a Cinderella ribbon to rig up some pink curtains with).  We came home and I went to the room and put the curtains together.  Cry for me folks, the curtain rod cut my finger a little bit.  It didn’t hurt but I had to put a band-aid on it so I didn’t get blood on the curtains.  My friend Scott was here and he laughed at my pain.  I’ll show you, Scott, I’ll show you someday!  Wait for it…

Anyways, I went and finished up the curtains and allowed Michelle to see and adjust to her liking.  She fixed up a little blue bookcase with some Princess stickers and got a few pictures which I’ll be sure to include here.  The room was a success and it was time to show our very anxious daughter her new place to sleep.  I must add that Grace was so anxious to see her new room that she actually army-crawled her way over to the gate blocking the bedroom door, hoping to get a sneak peak.  When I picked her up, she threw a fit because she was tired and anxious.

We finally took her into the room and she loved it.  She looked at her toys in the toy organizer and then jumped onto her bed.  She threw the pillow on the floor and moved her attention to getting under the covers.  Once she accomplished that, it was fake-nap time.  She got comfortable on the bed and closed her eyes, pretending to sleep.  Michelle and I were so happy to see her loving the room.

Tonight, Grace fell asleep in her high chair and we gave it a shot by putting her in her new bed.  We knew she probably wouldn’t dive into it so quickly but since she was already asleep, it was worth a try.  At first, all went well.  She did wake up about 1 hour ago and wanted to go back into the crib.  For now, that’s ok.  We’ll try again tomorrow and slowly work our ways into being stricter about it so she will hopefully learn to take it well and make the move on her own.  We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to comment and share your own stories about building a kids room with us!


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