Hey guys, it’s time for my first installment of what I’m simply going to call my “Raw Review”.  I hope to bring you the “Raw Review” every Monday while I watch RAW live and post shortly after the show or early Tuesday mornings.  The column focuses on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.  I also hope to write about WWE Friday Night Smackdown and Pay-Per-Views as well, so long as I see them.

Let me explain how this works.  I’ll recap what goes on throughout the show and give my personal feel/opinion on it.  I’ll label each match as it is, give the result and give my own personal rating for the match, up to 5 stars.

This week, RAW opens with a recap of the Miz losing the US title to Daniel Bryan.  I like the Miz, I won’t deny it.  I’m not too big on Alex Riley yet but he is growing on me.  As for Daniel Bryan, I think he’s very talented and personally love seeing him work this feud with the Miz.  RAW opens up and the Miz and Riley come to the ring and announce that Daniel Bryan challenged them to a tag team matchup.  Bryan interrupts and Miz asks who Daniel Bryan chose as a partner.  Miz goes to say he’s awesome and is interrupted for the second time, this time by the music of John Morrison.  Good.  I like the feud that’s gone on between the Miz and Morrison and it’s good to see some continuity lately.

Match: The Miz & Alex Riley vs. Daniel Bryan and John Morrison

Result: Miz & Riley win

My rating: ***

This was a good match and I liked the ending/aftermath.  Morrison, Bryan and the Miz all brawling was just fine. The anonymous RAW GM dings his announcement so we are told to give Michael Cole our attention.  Cole reads the e-mail which states that Daniel Bryan will defend the US Title again the Miz and John Morrison in a triple threat matchup.  Sounds good, I like it.

We are taken backstage where we find out that there is going to be a divas battle royal.  The rules of this match are simple, if you’re thrown through the ropes (don’t have to go over like men do) and feet hit the floor, you’re eliminated.

Match: Divas battle royal

Result: Natalya wins

My rating: *

This was not a good way to follow the decent match that opened the show.  The only good thing about it was Natalya winning.  The worst part of it was the fact that Melina was eliminated first, despite her very recent rival with Lay-Cool.  Natalya deserves a title shot and I personally hope she takes the gold this Sunday at the Hell in a Cell PPV, which I am hoping to review so keep an eye out for it.

Up next is a recap of Ted Dibiase and Maryse losing last week, when a strange video played that said “I will have you”.  We are then taken backstage.  Maryse is complaining to Ted about Eve costing her the battle royal.  Ted says he doesn’t care and that Maryse caused them their match last week.  Someone knocks on the door and Ted answers but nobody is there.  Maryse reads the note – in French at first until Ted corrects her – and the note reads “Next week you will be mine.”  Maryse walks off in disgust.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring and tells an ol’ tale about an Irish prince cutting off his hand to win the kingdom.  Sheamus says he will cut off his own hand if that’s what it takes to beat Orton.  He brings up Triple H (can’t let us forget about him since he will most likely be returning soon) and then makes an open challenge.  Great Khali accepts the challenge.

Match: Sheamus vs. Great Khali

Result:  Khali wins by DQ when Sheamus throws chairs from the announce table on him.

My rating: N/A

This match barely happened.  What’s more is that they battled for a little while after the DQ.  It wasn’t anything great, despite the fact that it seemed they were going for a “snap” scene similar to the one Orton put on with Sheamus a few weeks ago.

We find out Edge is going to have the anonymous GM as his guest on the Cutting Edge.  When the show comes back from a commercial break, the GM computer is set up in the ring with a microphone.  Oh boy, talking computer…

Edge calls the GM a coward and the GM responds by saying he remains anonymous because if he reveals himself, it would change everything.  Let me share a quote from Edge here: “That’s the worst voice EVER!”  They go back and forth a bit but the segment was kept mostly short and sweet and ended up being a setup for the GM to announce a match right now between Edge and John Cena.  Did that computer just say “why do you have to hate, yo?”

Match: Edge vs. John Cena

Result: Edge wins

My rating: **

Cena’s foot was under the rope when it ended and I thought they were going to ignore that.  The GM spoke up and pointed it out and restarted the match.  Cena locks Edge into the STF and Edge taps out.  Wow, and I thought Cena was actually going to job at RAW for a change, shame on me.  It was good to see the Nexus backstage, watching the match.  I personally love the Nexus angle and am hoping Cena loses to Barrett this Sunday.  The match setup this Sunday goes like this: If Cena wins, Nexus ends – if Barrett wins, Cena joins Nexus.  Personally, I think a heel turn would be good for Cena as his good guy gimmick is just going stale.  Oh and they did a replay showing Cena’s foot under the ropes – that’s when I realized I was foolish for thinking it was an oversight.  Sigh.  After the match, Edge goes towards the GM computer.  The GM (computer voice) tells Edge he lost fair and square and not to look at him like that.  The computer says to just walk away but Edge is fed up.  This amused me.  The computer said “You’ve got the crazy eyes.”  It begged Edge to stop as Edge snapped and slammed the computer with chairs, elbows, and whatever else he could find.  It was a little funny, I shook my head.  That’s how I show amusement when I watch RAW.  I shake my head in despair.

Side note: During the commercial break, they mentioned (for like the 10th time) that Smackdown moves to Scyfy this Friday, so be sure to adjust your DVRs.

Nexus make their way to the ring. It’s going to be Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater against Evan Bourne and Mark Henry.

Match: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry

Result: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater win

My rating: **1/2

Did you notice?  Mark Henry doesn’t look like a tomato anymore.  Keep that in mind folks – if you team up with MVP, you’re going to represent veggies.  Anyways, after the match, Nexus beat up Henry and Bourne some more.  It was pretty, I must say.  Barrett takes a microphone and says after Hell in a Cell, Cena will no longer be against them.  They announce they are going to Smackdown on Friday night.  Cool.

‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre (the new tag champs) are making their way to the ring.

Match: Rhodes & McIntrye vs. Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd)

Result: Rhodes & McIntyre win

My rating: **

After the match, there was arguing between the Hart Dynasty.  Uh-oh!

Backstage, we see Orton and Jericho making their ways to the ring for the main event.

After a commercial, R-Truth tells Cena he will have his back.  Cena says no need, and says he will go to Smackdown Friday night.
Jericho comes out and says he will win his match tonight, become #1 contender, and go on to win the title.  Jericho’s awesome on the microphone.  Whenever he leaves wrestling for good will be a sad time.  Do you want to know what was really annoying?  They cut to commercial in the middle of Jericho’s bragging during his promo.  I happen to like Jericho’s bragging during his promos.  Grrr at you, people who cut to commercial…grrr at you.  Oh wait, we’re back from commercial, and Jericho is still going with his list.  I LOL’d.  Randy Orton eventually cuts him off.

Match: Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Result: Orton wins

My rating: ***1/2

After the match, Orton punts Jericho in the skull.  That was sad.  Injury angles to top heels always suck.  Jericho better be around a month from now, that’s all I have to say.

That’s it for the show and thus ends my blog for tonight.  Tune in Friday Night to ScyFy for Smackdown and watch for my blog about it.  I’ll also try to blog about my predictions for the Hell in a Cell PPV if I have the time, so look forward to that.  Thanks for reading, see you Friday night/Saturday morning.

One final thing – I’m going to give one “Slammy” award each time I post one of these reviews.  This is just my way of saying who I felt the star of the show was and why.

This week’s RAW Slammy Award goes to: Chris Jericho for his awesome, commercial long list 🙂


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