(Taken from an old blog. Posted May 13, 2010.)

So, Dave and I have been keeping a secret for quite a while now.


We’ve known for many weeks but decided to keep it quiet until after I was able to get an appointment and confirm everything. Well, on Monday afternoon we were given the confirmation that I am in fact pregnant!  At the time they believe I was a little over 9 weeks along. Everything checked out fine and we even got to hear the heartbeat!!! The midwife*, Alice, said we may not hear it since it’s normally not heard until about another week later. It took a while but we were eventually able to hear that beautiful sound!

This was the day after mother’s day and after Grace and I went to see my Grandma’s with my parents, she went home to spend the night with them. It was because Dave and I “had some running around and work and stuff to do”. haha It was so hard to cover it all up and I was so worried someone was going to ask what work we were doing or where we were going to be, or just SOMETHING was going to make them suspicious.

Dave called his mom right away as we were leaving the appointment. (Let me tell ya,  we considered not telling her and the family and just let them find out when the baby was born or we showed up to visit sometime after the birth. Dave’s family (mom, dad, and two sisters) live in Florida and especially his mom isn’t very happy about not seeing her grandbaby more often. I offered to call her for him but he did it and he survived. haha (Pam – don’t worry, we wouldn’t have not told you guys! :) We just joked about lots of ways of telling people about this pregnancy.)

We invited my parents over for supper so they came over and brought Grace home to us. We ate and sat around talking for a while. I was working out a way to tell them in my head when they decided they had to get going so they could stop by a store before they closed. Once Dad knows he’s leaving he jumps up and can sometimes be out the door before you even notice. So I said ok to the fact that they were leaving. I then said, “Keep an eye out for some baby clothes while you’re there.” Dad didn’t completely hear what I said. I didn’t dare look at my mom who was on the nearby couch because I figured she had it figured out the second the sentence was finished. So I said it again, “KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR BABY CLOTHES”. Mom asked, “BABY or KID clothes?” I said, “Baby.” Then they both had it figured out. Here comes grandchild number 6 for them!

Once they left, I talked to Grace. I told her that there’s a baby in mommy’s belly. She of course pointed to her own belly wanting to know if SHE had a baby too! haha I told her no that it’s in mommy’s belly. She also had to know if daddy had a baby in his belly. For about a half hour after telling her about the baby, she was next to me on the couch just loving on me and the baby. She kept kissing my belly and hugging it and everything. It was the sweetest thing!

I know she doesn’t completely understand but it’s nice when she says she loves the baby and when she smothers my belly in kisses and love. Now I just need her to remember she can’t climb and sit on my belly or anything else that’s going to hurt me and the baby.

I think we successfully made it without anyone suspecting (too much) what was going on with me. It helped that I had the sinus infection going on so if I said about not feeling good after I knew what else was actually going on, I was able to blame it on that. It was nice having it our own little secret for a while. It was the complete opposite with Grace. I had a full time job and we were very very involved at the church. Just about every co-worker, family member, teen from the youth group, etc suspected something in the beginning of that pregnancy. This time I spent a lot more time alone (and sometimes avoided seeing some people in case of it slipping) and it was a surprise when we made the announcement.

*(I stumbled upon Paragon Health Associates when I was pregnant with Grace. I thought I was seeing a doctor and didn’t know they had midwives. They explained everything to us and we decided to give em a shot. It was a little strange at first and I didn’t like the idea of not knowing which one would be there to deliver but we met all of them and had no complaints about the whole thing. So, here we go again!)


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